Leptoconnect Review: Does This Supplement Helps in Reducing Weight?


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Leptoconnect remember just to make sure my weight wasn't getting too too low and I had read that when you start AIP that it's not unusual if you drop weight in the beginning and then your weight levels out even though you don't change how you're eating and I was kind of like well how is that even possible I don't get it and that's what happened for me as I I dropped weight and then my weight apparently I got to the weight where I needed to be a body it got to a weight where it just I felt great physically to like I just knew that you know I'm out of weight now where I just feel great like it feels right well before I always kind of felt like oh I'm gaining you know like I'm holding on an extra 10 or 15 pounds it just didn't feel as comfortable I felt very comfortable in my body I feel very and you can be comfortable in your body at a heavier weight - everybody's body needs to be at a different weight just because my body feels great at this weight